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At, since 1994, we have provided a guiding light to many thousands of persons wishing to immigrate to Canada. We share in the optimism and sincere belief that Canada offers excellent settlement options within a stable environment to those who wish to become a part of its landscape. Under the direction of COLIN R. SINGER, one of Canada's leading immigration lawyers, recognized by the Government of Canada, we provide tailor made simplified solutions to individual immigrant applicants seeking to relocate to Canada as well as personnel resource managers of Canadian employers intending to hire foreign nationals.

Immigration to Canada serves as the foundation for continued economic growth and which brings people, customs and traditions, rituals and culture to the forefront of current Government policy. Each of the provinces in Canada has authority to implement their own provincial immigration programs (PNP).

Embrace your future and bring the heritage of your past to a place where you and your family will be proud to refer to as home – Canada!

The following is a summary of the top immigration questions and answers our visitors are usually interested in reading about or exploring in more detail:

  • What are the different immigration options available to me?

    There are a number of options available for every person wishing to embrace a better life and future in Canada, some of these Canadian Immigration options are as follows:

  • How can I start my Canadian immigration process?

    There are a number of ways to start your Canadian immigration process, the easiest and best way to ensure that your papers and documents are filled properly to increase your chances to immigrate to Canada is to complete the following steps:

    • Find out which immigration category you would like to apply for.
    • Fill our immigration Free Online Assessment form to ensure you are eligible to immigrate to Canada
    • Follow the steps your immigration advisor will send you after completing your assessment form

  • Business Immigration Assessment

    A Business applicant comprises of the Investor Class and the Entrepreneur Class. It is broadly defined as one who possesses a high personal net worth and controls the equity of a qualifying business or who manages employees on a full-time basis in government or in private enterprise.

    A Business applicant can also include a Self Employed person who will become involved in the cultural, artistic, athletic or farming life in Canada.

    Interested applicants may receive a free evaluation of their qualifications for Canadian permanent residence as a Business applicant by completing this questionnaire:

  • Family Class Sponsorship Assessment

    Canadian citizens and permanent residents living in Canada, 18 years of age or older, may sponsor close relatives or family members including spouses, common-law/same-sex partners, conjugal partners who cannot live together and dependent children applying outside of Canada who want to become permanent residents of Canada.

    Interested applicants may receive a free evaluation of their qualifications for Canadian permanent residence as a member of the Family Class by completing this questionnaire:

  • Work Visa Assessment

    Canadian Employers wishing to hire a foreign national to perform work in Canada must obtain a labour market opinion from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) confirming the impact of the hiring on the local labour market. In most instances, this an essential component of the worker’s eligibility to apply for a Canadian Work Visa.

    Readers who have received an offer of employment in Canada and require our assistance to obtain HRSDC approval of their proposed hiring, are invited to complete the following questionnaire for our review and evaluation at no charge:

  • Fast Track Immigration Assessment

    Individuals who obtain an offer of employment from a Canadian Employer can often relocate to Canada with worker status within a short time of finding an employer. In some cases, temporary employment in Canada may lead to permanent residence. in collaboration with the Global Recruiters Network (GRN) Montreal may assist you in finding a job in Canada and fast track your immigration process.

    Readers are invited to complete the following questionnaire to receive a free assessment of their employment prospects in Canada:

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